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Development Clinics for Associations

Through teaching the fundamentals of specific hockey techniques and philosophies, we  feel confident that with our experience and knowledge for the game of hockey both players and coaches can then use this information to excel. We focus on the successful criteria necessary to build successful players, teams , coaches and associations.  We feel we are effective in producing results for development of all ages and levels because we implement skill specific training techniques and philosophies used by so many junior and pro players today.  Our approaches to development provide challenging and fun experiences that can be easily integrated into regular practices and skill clinics put on by association.  As an association you can bring in our specialized training to improve your overall skill development to your players and coaches that ultimately will improve your program.

 1. Coaching Symposiums and Instructional Clinics

 2. Specific Skill Clinics

 3. On Ice Support and analysis of individual teams  


These instructions through specialty clinics include the teaching of skills at the players level.  

1.   Skating

2.   Puck Control

3.   Shooting and Scoring

4.   Checking

5.   Creating Offense and Creative Thinking

6.   Goaltending

7.   Special Teams

8.   Small Area Games

9.   Developing Defensemen


  1. On ice support and analysis for the coach’s individual teams

  2. Coaches specialty skills clinics

  3. Coach mentoring services available to support and further develop the skill sets offered by their minor hockey association